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Breastfeeding & formula feeding

Introducing solids

Fussy eating & feeding difficulties

Autism nutrition

Growth concerns

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IgE mediated food allergies

Food protein induced allergic proctocolitis

Food protein induced enteropathy

Food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome

Eosinophilic oesophagitis

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Reflux, constipation & diarrhoea

Irritable bowel syndrome & low FODMAP diet

Food intolerances

Coeliac disease

Inflammatory bowel disease

Nutrition Consultations

Our paediatric nutrition consultations are individualised to each family and their needs. The initial session will involve a comprehensive nutrition assessment where I will gather information on your baby or child’s background including medical, growth and feeding history. I will get to know your own concerns and challenges as a parent and together we will come up with a realistic plan to meet the needs of your child and family. For many families a follow up appointment will be recommended to review progress and provide ongoing support and guidance.


Our Mealtime Success Program is designed for parents with a fussy eater who are wanting to enjoy more peaceful mealtimes and have their child eating a wider variety of foods. In this program we will identity what is holding your child back from trying new foods and provide you with the personalised strategies that you need to transform your fussy eater into a more adventurous eater. The program includes:
• 5 x individual dietitian consultations
• Unlimited email support between consultations
• Meal plans & recipes to help meet your child's nutritional needs
• Access to our fussy eating resource hub


Our Happy Gut Program is designed to help children and teen's suffering with IBS find relief from symptoms so they can thrive and enjoy life. In this program we will identity your child or teen's food triggers so they can eat with confidence, develop a positive relationship with food and have a happy gut. The program includes:
• 5 x Individual dietitian consultations
• Unlimited email support between consultations
• Access to our Happy Gut resource hub
• Low FODMAP product guide, recipe book and personalised meal plans
• Access to our private Happy Gut support group

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Lifestyle Nutrition is available to run nutrition workshops for a range of paediatric topics including introducing solids, managing fussy eating and packing a healthy school lunch box.