Our Approach



Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Coeliac Disease


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Hypothalamic amenorrhoea

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Optimise preconception nutrition

Boost egg and sperm health

Support a regular menstrual cycle and ovulation

Support implantation

Dietary management of conditions impacting fertility

Nutrition for assisted reproductive treatments

Personalised preconception supplement plan

peadiatric nutrition


Personalised prenatal supplement plan

Meeting nutritional requirements

Confidence with food safety

Dietary management of nausea, vomiting, reflux, constipation and fatigue

Healthy pregnancy weight gain

Reduce the risk of pregnancy complications

Dietary management of gestational diabetes

Nutrition Consultations

Our nutrition consultations are individualised to you and your needs. The initial session will involve a comprehensive nutrition assessment where I will gather information on your medical history, medications and supplements, blood tests or other relevant medical tests, gut health, menstrual cycle (where relevant), diet and lifestyle. Together we will set achievable goals and come up with a personalised plan to support your gut health, reproductive health or pregnancy journey.


Our Happy Gut Program is designed to help women suffering with IBS identify their triggers so they can find relief from symptoms. If you want to be able trust your bowels, wear the clothes you want without feeling uncomfortable, socialise with friends without the worry of symptoms and enjoy food again this program is for you! The program includes:
• 5 x individual dietitian consultations
• Unlimited email support between consultations
• Access to our Happy Gut resource hub
• Personalised low FODMAP meal plans and recipe book


Our Grow a Healthy Baby Program is designed to support you through each stage of your pregnancy journey. You will feel confident knowing exactly what to eat to support a healthy pregnancy and grow a healthy baby. The program includes:
• 4 x individual dietitian consultations
• Unlimited email support between consultations
• Prenatal supplement plan based on your individual needs
• Meal plans & recipes