Our Approach



Are you struggling with distressing digestive symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, excessive wind and unpredictable bowel habits?

 Do you feel anxious leaving home and avoid social activities due to worry of not having a toilet nearby?

Are you wanting to take control of your IBS & know your foods triggers so that you can find relief from symptoms and enjoy life?

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Are you feeling confused with all the information online about what foods to avoid and what you should be eating to support a healthy pregnancy?

Have you been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and struggling with food anxiety due to concern of high blood sugar levels?

Are you wanting to feel more confident knowing what foods to eat support a healthy pregnancy and optimise your baby’s future health?

Nutrition Consultations

Our women’s health nutrition consultations are individualised to you and your needs. The initial session will involve a comprehensive nutrition assessment where I will gather information on your medical history, blood tests or other relevant medical tests, digestive health, diet and lifestyle. Together we will set achievable goals and come up with a personalised plan to support your gut health or pregnancy journey.


Our Happy Gut Program is designed to help women suffering with IBS identify their diet and lifestyle triggers so they can find relief from symptoms, optimise their health and enjoy living the life they deserve. The program includes:
• 5 x individual dietitian consultations
• Unlimited email support between consultations
• Access to our Happy Gut online course
• Low FODMAP product guide, recipe book and personalised meal plans
• Access to our Happy Gut support group


Our Grow a Healthy Baby Program will support you throughout your pregnancy journey and will help ensure you have the right nutrition to support a healthy pregnancy and baby. The program includes:
• 4 x individual dietitian consultations
• Unlimited email support between consultations
• Prenatal supplement plan based on your individual needs
• Meal plans & recipes to support your nutritional needs through each trimester